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Wisa Greid says he almost gave up as an artist, I’m glad he didn’t.

Wisa Greid once had the biggest hit song in 20**. For an artist to achieve this feat was a huge rush of euphoria. The success that comes with the feeling is just unimaginable. Wisa Greid was the most sought after brand in his period.

But as a new artist, you never plan for such a short timeline of success. I partly blame his management for not properly grooming him. He allowed success get into his head.

Obviously he would ride the wave but that was so short lived as he committed the biggest blunder ever by an artist on a Ghanaian stage. And till now, no artist has never gone that far. He made Mzbel and Raquel’s wardrobe malfunction look like a baby’s game. Even the iconic Shatta Wale slap didn’t even leave a dent.


Wisa Greid lost everything. Endorsement deals, no performance gigs, future deals, the girls, fake friends and the momentum of euphoria. Everything was lost.


Look, as an artist, this can shatter you. Scar you for life. No one wanted to work with Wisa Greid. So I perfectly understand why he wanted to give up. But where would he go??? As a arriving artist, you tend to sacrifice education, career and even that special person.

Without music, most of our artists have nothing so Wisa had nothing but the only love; music. Fortunately for him, another opportunity resurfaced. Wisa Greid caught a new wave and released “Mii tse Bo” which tore down every wall of shame he had raised. There wasn’t any club or show that wouldn’t play this song.
He reclaimed his lost success but that didn’t end there. He had a big recording contract by music mogul, D Black’s imprint, Black Avenue Musik.


Every music lover could feel that rush again. Falling from grace and rising up from the ashes of the burnt phoenix. Trust me when I tell you this; there is no better feeling than this (well, apart from getting your dream job with a high pay raise).


Recently, he finished fighting his case; the case that almost destroyed him. He got fined and it got settled. Finally, Wisa Greid is free from his demon.

This is one of the lessons you are bound to learn as an artist or even a human. Thank you Wisa Greid for never giving up. You might not be the best role model, but you are one of the best stories to learn from.

Long Live Ghana Music.