Let’s admit it, the VGMA’s is pure trash.


So the vgma’s just ended or as i like to call it, the BGMA (Bribery Ghana Music Awards). An award scheme filled with controversies and heart breaks.

The awards night was filled with the usual glitz and glamour from people with the best of fashion sense (Patapaa killed it) Far from that the performances was awesome and unpredictable as we had Praye unite for an explosive performance. And then the corruption starts.


The giving and receiving of the awards was the highlight of the programme. Everybody had their picks. People voted and expectations were high. For once, people needed transparency and fairness but we expected the predictable. Some awards were rightfully given but that’s not why im here.

Here are the controversial picks and honest review of the 2018 VGMA’s.

Highlife Song of the Year

I was terribly disappointed when it went to Kidi. Honestly I love Kidi. He was on top of his game. He rightfully deserves Highlife artist of the year but I highly doubt he deserved this VGMA.

When it comes to highlife music, Kumi Guitar’s Dream was an awesome contender. Dream focused on every single element of Highlife music and also had one of the biggest rotations out there.

Odo was a commercial success but never a critically acclaimed song compared to Dream. Even I would pick Bronya over Odo


Highlife Artiste of the Year

Right to say that the VGMA’s made a huge mistake with this one.

See, I have nothing against the picks but when one should play the technical game, one would understand this. Kuami Eugene is an awesome artist with one of the biggest potentials out there.

But when it come to artist of the year, the process is tricky. With a song category, one checks the technical side of the song; production, sampling, song writing and other miscellaneous features.

But with an artist category, one checks his influence, brand, stage craft and attitude. And guys, between Kuami Eugene and Kidi, who deserves this award??

Record of the Year

I mean how could Teephlow win this award?? Pure trash. State Of the Art is an awesome record but nothing compared to Sarkodie’s Glory or Kumi Guitar’s Dream.


A record of the year category is for singles that might not be commercially successful but critically acclaimed to its high standard. This is where one checks producers, sample, engineering standard and other things.

And by all standard Teephlow doesn’t deserve it. But hey, how can you complain when there is corruption in play.


Best Music Video of the Year

This one got me laughing in shock. Obi Agyi Obi is awesome for a song but not even close to the standard of King Promise’s Selfish. I mean how can you even overlook this?

Did Ofodile pull a big one on us or were the award committee scared of Phamous Films?? By all standards, Selfish was the obvious pick. The story line, director’s editing and direction and craft was on point.

Album of the Year

Really?? For a category that is supposed to award the best album made in the year of review. This is pure trash. I mean how??

Even if this was an honorary VGMA award, it’s still not fair to Stonebwoy. Ebony’s album is good but is filled with hit songs and also the album didn’t make an impact like the singles. Epistles of Mama is a living album.

Filled with the best sides of dancehall and reggae. This album is rated number 2 best reggae dancehall album all over the world for 2017/18.

And you say Bonified deserves it. Smh

Song of the Year

NOW THIS GOT ME PISSED THE MOST. Total Cheat was, is and will no where be compared to One Corner.

Say whatever you want to say about Patapaa but he deserved this award. In fact every single nomination in this category is better that Total Cheat.


But what happened?? Was there bribery or the fans were not fans enough? I feel its both. When your favorite act get nominated, do your best. Fancy Gadam might not deserve the award but his fan base made it possible.

Long Live Ghana Music.


  1. awesome write up. And i stand behind you on pataapa’s issue the most. dude went global! That song was a massive hit. Got even nigerian celebs goofing around with it!


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