The Viral Mixtape front cover

Lay down your worries. First September is about to start with a humongous bang as rapper and alternative hip hop act, Daud blesses us with his major effort yet, The Viral Mixtape.

A couple of weeks back, the rap coroner gave us a strong warm up session with his C2 track, which shook social media airwaves to the core musically. Honestly he harnessed the power of social media to his core advantage; he got himself buzzing everywhere.

The Viral Mixtape front cover

Released freestyle, performance videos and posts from fans he deemed “family”. The young star’s humility became his strength which constitutes to his undying hard work and dedication to the game.

Today, he brings you his project. As the name goes, VIRAL. This guy has mastered the potential of vitality and processed it all into a body of work.

This mixtape is a powerfully crafted rendition and penned game over classic beats over the time of music. He carefully picks up the best of hip hop classic beats and transform them into his own lyrical gallery; that is the simple but subtle art of warfare.

When you come from Tema, the land of lyricism, wearing of the crown has a competitive toll to it, but Daud Agyeman yearns to be the younging to carry that mantle, thus introducing a new wave of generational music.

Daud Agyeman

His rap style is very basic but mind you folks, basic is the new gem. He tends to keep you afloat in attention, waiting for knowledge dropped bar after bar.

On “Changes”, he opens a page from the legend Tupac as he takes his time to unleash a subtle wave of lyrics. My personal favorite after Changes has to be The Wrath.

Need I say more? Personally, he leaves more room for improvement and suspence for upcoming projects.

We all know that there is no smoke without fire. Trust me when I tell you this; THE VIRAL MIXTAPE IS JUST A SMOKE. Daud is destined to win. Greatness is his bullseye and by listening to this project, you will conclude where the dart will end.

The Viral Mixtape back cover



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