Dear artists, here are 7 social media tips for artists and industry players


Social media is the new wave for musicians. Using it appropriately can turn you into the big super star you want. Ladies and gentlemen, here are some social media tips to propel you to stardom..

Artists that tend to use social media more are always on top of the game. Let’s admit it, social media is the ultimate wave. Proper use of social media is essential as it gives you a wider audience, helps you sell more of your stuff (merchandise and music) and also helps you link up with other influencers to shape your career.

Today i will talk about the power of Social Media. It is the easiest from of socializing but also the hardest form as the constantly chance form day to day in algorithms.



As an artist, you can use social media to drive so much fans and also make your music more appealing. First off you need to make good music and secondly you need to have a Facebook page. Always remember this; your personal profile is for personal stuff and sometimes business but the page is solely for the fans and critics. Here are 7 ways to utilize social media properly as an artist to ensure success in music.

Social Media Tips #1:  Keep It Positive

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Occasionally, you may find yourself tempted to post some negative things on social media. Resist that temptation. Remember that everything you put out online will be there forever. Therefore, you should try to stay positive and avoid making things personal. Remember, your fans are not your friends and they don’t know you personally. So, even when they say something you don’t like, try and spin it in a positive way.

Social Media Tips #2:  Be Easy To Find

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For a band or musician seeking to grow online, you should take your presence on each social network very seriously. Create pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, SoundCloudBandCamp, etc. and connect these channels to your music website. Use the channels to keep your fans up to date with what you are up to; tell them the song you’re recording in studio, the events you will be performing, and share behind-the-scene footage of these and other music events. Maintaining an active presence will make other fans who want to connect with you easily find you.


Social Media Tips #3 : Waste No Space With Your Profiles

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In your social media profiles, use every space you have to advertise your band. The cover space for instance is an excellent place to put up information about your upcoming tours, a new music video you’re about to release, etc. Remember to also regularly change that header image with updates about the next project you’re working on.

Social Media Tips #4: Connect With Your Fans Regularly

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Wherever you go, you must keep your social profiles in mind. With every opportunity on TV, radio, podcasts, vlogs, etc., use these platforms to encourage your fans to connect with you on social media. You can entice them with a preview of a new song you will be releasing soon in exchange for a like or a follow on social networking sites. Additionally, consider encouraging your fans to sign up for your newsletters. This way, you can send them an email every time you have a tour planned, a new release, etc.


Social Media Tips #5: Check out the #TrendingHashtags of the day

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Occasionally, you will find some trending hashtags that align perfectly with your music. Take advantage of such moments and publish some music content around these topics. By participating in these conversations, you expose your brand to new fans who might fall in love with your music. If your messages align perfectly with these hashtags, you may see a spike in the number of shares and retweets you receive, further advancing your music endeavors.

Social Media Tips #6: Increase post quality

To stand out on social media, all the posts you publish must be unique and of the highest quality. Go for content that is educational, funny and sometimes revealing something about you that many people might not know about. This not only create a personal and up-close connection with your fans, it also creates value for your brand, keeping your fans engaged and emotionally connected to your music. When posting images on social media, Growr advises that you use photo-editing apps to create a more dramatic look that will capture the imagination of your fans. Keep looking for ways to create posts that will be hard to ignore even for the most unreceptive fans.

Social Media Tips #7 : Be constant & stay authentic

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The challenge with most bands and musicians is maintaining a social media posting schedule. Some go for months without saying a word to their fans. The problem with this is that you run the risk of making them disinterested with you and your music. This can have a devastating effect on your ability to get shows, sell music as well as sell your music merchandise. Seek to nurture a relationship with your fans by regularly posting all kind of updates that showcase your authenticity while keeping your fan base longing for more.


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