Sizz The Truth – The Whole Truth – 1 Listen Review

sizz the truth

Sizz The Truth releases a 10- track ep titled The Whole Truth which is an awesome collection of songs that is meant to blow your minds away. Here is the review to this project. Enjoy

The EP, The Whole Truth features Kojo Cue and sultry songstress, Cina Soul. Producers include SoBeatz, Boye, K.Banks, PJ Katz, DJ Kwamzy and collaborator Arrow

sizz the truth

As usual, the rules won’t change; No repeat, skipping and pausing. I will write down my reaction and opinions and it’s peak of honesty. So enjoy….

1 Inspired (Prod. by Sobeatz)

Love the intro. The build up is intense and the piano links up nicely. Ooooh the beat is crazy. The dude is lit yo.

Sizz chops the flow to a fast mode. Awesome but i hate the chorus. He could have done better with the chorus; luckily for him the rap makes up for that. See, Sizz the truth is a good rapper with an awesome voice and delivery. Well it’s just an intro. 9 songs to go

2 Never Told (Prod. by Arrow)

EI!! Is that an Alhaji K Frimpong sample??? I have found a new favorite. Trust me Sizz The Truth does damage to the first verse. Very laid back. I love the fact that he uses Hip hop’s biggest weapon; sampling. I love the Tic Tac sample for the verse. Bruh, I need to listen to to this for the second time.

Never told takes Gh hip hop to a new level and i respect Arrow and Sizz for that.

3 Everywhere (Prod. by Boye)

Nice build up. The deep voice hits on the instrumental nicely. Finally something new. Sizz can sing. Everywhere sounds very braggadocios. This is the tune you can sing while getting high of life.

“My eyes low like an asian” gives you the OOOOOH flavour when you listen. How he uses simple but hard punchlines while giving a laid-back flow is what makes this song very awesome.

4 Fatality ft. Ko-Jo Cue (Prod. By K.Banks)

Trap music can never go wrong. I love this chorus better than the first song’s chorus. Sizz The Truth loves chopped flow.

Guys, you need your headset to listen to this. First verse got sliced.

KOJO CUE IS ON THIS!!!!! See, this EP can contend for the best project in 2018. Cue was short. One thing i love about Kojo Cue is the fact that he doesn’t try to overshadow rappers.

This song needs a video.

5 EVIL (Interlude)

Oh wow. Sizz is on some old school flow. The chorus is lit but what sample did they use? This is lit mehn.

This EP is living up to its title; The While Truth and i super love this.

6 Longest Round (Prod. By Arrow)


The chemistry between Arrow and Sizz The Truth is very compatible here.

Love the sex references here. He made a song about sex, with a low cut beat, deep voiced chorus and a sexual reference on punchlines.

How awesome can Sizz The Truth Be? “I’m not here for the conversation // i’m here for the copulation”

Damn Sizz, you back with the voice distortion too? I’m yet to see a track i hate

7 Show Up (Prod. By Arrow & Sizz)

Afro Pop is something i’m not expecting here tho. Arrow is killing this project. This is actually a song you can jam with oh.



Is it me or this EP is actually segmented? The brain behind organizing the whole album is good. Show up has been placed at the right place. What a song. Respect Sizz

8 Rora (Prod. By Dj Kwamzy)

Love the build up. Wait, is this the same Dj Kwamzy who sampled the Fela song? Oh i love this ballad.

This is actually an awesome tune. I broke the rules and replayed this. Very phychedelic too.

9 Akosombo (Prod. By Arrow)

Where do they get the ideas for beats from? Its just amazing how i’m now hearing the name Arrow. This guy is great mehn. Akosombo is soft.

The quest to rule the world manifests itself in this short song. This is another love song. See, Sizz The Truth is on a different level of greatness. I need to interview him.

But honestly i love this. ( i feel the title is weird. would have to ask him)

10 Till We Finish ft. Cina Soul (Prod. By Arrow)

Now Sizz goes slow. He gives listeners time to take in the song word by word.

First verse is good. Wait. How did he get Cina Soul on this?? This song has gotten to a new level yo.

Would love it if he sang tho. The voice difference is perfect. Cina killed the chorus. Perfect song to end this.


Honestly, i love this EP. From start to finish, Sizz The Truth lived up to the expectation of this project. This is hands down, one of the best albums of this year from Africa.

sizz the truth

Seriously, i feel this should be heard by a whole lot of people. Sizz, give more promo on this; the project needs to be heard by Ghana and beyond. YOU DESERVE IT.



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