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shatta wale rants

Can Shatta Wale shut up already? We are getting sick and tired of him

2017 was hands down the best year for dancehall artist, Shatta wale. He solidified his name permanently into the hearts of Ghanaians. He released tons of songs and gave the Ghanaian youth a voice to look up to.

You can call me what ever you want, but Shatta Wale partially erased Nigeria off the music map in 2017. There wasn’t a club that played him. No show that didn’t want to book him and no phone that didn’t have at least 5 songs of his on their phones.

That was the power of Shatta Wale.

Fast forward to 2018, he had a major recording deal from Zylofon music worth over $1 million in addition to a house and a car. He also released one of the biggest song of the quarter, “Bullet Proof”.


His bad boy antics used to be acceptable until he overstepped his bounds of insults. He began to pick more fights than make good music. Was that the peak of Shatta Wale??

Yes it is. Shatta Wale needs to hang his boots if he isn’t man enough to compete. The fan base of Shatta Wale has dwindled. He barely makes hits these days. People are getting sick and tired of him.
People used to support his needing because they felt it was good for business. And true to this, Shatta Wale made hits by being the stubborn and rebellious guy.

But this year he tried picking what would have been, the biggest break it if worked. He called out afro pop star, Wizkid on social media. Unfortunately, Wizkid had alot on his mind to care; his child been born and making major moves in America.
Trolls came flooding in, people teasing him and the Nigerian market following their agenda to support their own. Shatta Wale lost a beef that didn’t even happen.

shatta wale rants

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. His fanbase quickly got diminished.
His live videos used to rake in over 30k views but he barely stikes the 10k mark. What went wrong?
Personally I think he should shut up already. He should focus on trying to rise above the label noise and bounce harder. I think he should focus on making more allies and stop dissing everyone who tries to take a major swipe at him.


Maybe his peak was 2017 but we just got into the 2nd quarter of 2018. Charles has alot more to prove.
And if this post makes me seem like a hater, well wrong!! I am a Shatta fan but firstly a critic. I will say what if right for the industry and that is; we need Shatta Wale back: The same Shatta who released approximately 100 songs in 2017, Who performed all night till the morning. One whose name is revered despite all odds.
Long Live Ghana Music