Admit it, Shatta Wale is the artist you love to hate and hate to love

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Shatta Wale is a phenom. He knows how to make you talk about him. He has mastered the art of making a human tick. As much as we hate this, we love ranting about him and he is a perfect opportunist for that.

So far, I haven’t seen a Ghanaian that can simultaneously have so much fans and so much “haters” at the same time. See how I placed haters in quotes? It’s because I don’t believe Shatta Wale has haters.
When you love someone, you constantly think about that person, you want what’s best for that person and you have constant check on that person. The opposite is a hater. If I hate someone, I would never ever bother having such a person in my mind whatsoever.


Now back to Shatta Wale, he says the right words to get him trending, he does the right (or wrong) things to get you talking. I remember vividly how he wore a visibly fake hoodie for a video shoot. I don’t need to tell you how that went.

He has literally beefed everyone in the industry, made friends with the ruling government while making a song for the opposition government.
I have heard a lot of bloggers who openly expressed hate for him but can never deny how many views and traffic they have gained from his name.


So really, does he have haters? Well yes and no. The audience of Shatta wale is in a love-hate situation. They hate that they love him and love that they hate him. Shatta Wale brings this sense of euphoria that you would, in a way talk about him.

shatta wale

But the real MVPs are his core fans. Shatta Wale has a strong grip on them. Even if he produces trash (which he mostly does), he has a strong demographic that would support it. And mind you if you dare speak ill of him, his strong demographic fans will shred you with illiterate filled insults.

Recently he released a music video (or as I like to call it, short movie) called Gringo. He basically diverted from his norm of releasing low budgeted videos to a super wild west themed video.
The number of trolls and so-called haters that went hard was just appalling. People criticized the song and video concept, other just had nothing to say but troll the title.


But that was the plan. Shatta Wale is out of this world. He would be the main black man in a cowboy themed, high-budgeted video just to have you express your feelings. The video trended for the whole day, people shared their opinions and lo and behold, Gringo surpassed Stonebwoy’s Tomorrow on YouTube.
So how come a man who is “hated” be able to pull off such a feat???


Simple. He understands how the Ghanaian brain works. His strategy reminded me of the late dance hall queen, Ebony Reigns. So many people expressed hate but that actually raised her views and publicity to an all time high.

So as an artist, I urge you all to look for a strategy and what makes the human mind tick. Use it to your advantage, make money and never stop supporting The Critic Bay.
Long Live Ghana Music.




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