The Fan Base Of Shatta Wale – SM Fans Vs The Rest Of The World

shatta wale

Shatta Wale has been able to amass one of the biggest following in Ghana and who does he credit apart from God? His fan base. He is undoubtedly talented but his fans are the ones that carry his greatness all over the perimeter of the world.

There are 3 types of fans in the world. The normal fan base, hardcore fan base and the die hard fan base. Simple.

The normal fans downloads your songs, loves some of them and criticize some, follow your fan pages on social media and that’s all. The hardcore fans are those who download all your songs, can sing all of them, follow your fan pages on social media and would come to your shows. Now the die hard fans are few but the most important ones. They will do everything the hardcore fans will do, purchase your music, encourage others to to the same, fight, insult and disgrace anyone who dares to step on you image. They are the fans who won’t correct their idol but would defend them with absurd defensive stands. If you are an artist, find your stand here

Now im sure by now, you’ve heard the name Shatta Wale a.k.a Charles Mensah. Of course he makes good and not-so-good but super commercial music. He is the king of controversy and the self-labeled Dancehall King of Africa. In his defence he has earned the spot to be called that. I quite remember when he tried to make waves with dancehall but had minimal success although he had major hits like No Problem and Bandana From Ghana. Dude suddenly disappeared for years when Samini took that mantle and shone bright, paving the way for the genre but eventually, Bandana came back, rebranded and with a surge of power that could put ECG to shame, with a new name, Bandana now known as Shatta Wale has branded himself to become a household name in GH music.

I wouldn’t call myself a Shatta fan but let’s state facts; Shatta Wale is the hottest artist now. All he did was choose one target audience and his fans did the rest. Shatta, to me has earned the right to be part of the legendary team on urban music in Gh. He has over 100 songs, his energetic performance is off the hook and this dude has “fought” with huge names in the industry from Charter House, the blogosphere, media personalities and even the award schemes in Ghana and surprisingly enough, none of these entities have been able to stop Shatta from shinning because of one branding trick. But who is Shatta without his die-hard fans?

I have seen the best and worst of fans. Beyonce’s BeyHive is one of the strongest fan base in history. One wrong word against the queen and you would find this emoji “🐝” all over your page. But down here in Africa, Shatta’s fans are the most loyal group of people you will ever see. His fans will defend their king even if he is wrong. Let him commit murder and you will find fans with no law experience hitting you with laws and acts you have never heard before. Let him rape someone and you will find fans who can counter morality and put Mother Theresa to shame. Let him be in a homosexual controversy and you will find fans who will preach to you about the faults of wrongful judgment. THAT’S WHAT I CALL LOYALTY. I can honestly say this: Shatta Wale is the only artist in Ghana who doesn’t need a publicist. His persona fits his target audience. A friend once said, “Shatta broadcasts his songs to the ghetto youth and the youth broadcasts his songs to the world”.

Recently, Stonebwoy got into a consideration talk for a Grammy nomination *congrats* and I saw the funniest thing relating to GH entertainment. The war over a Grammy nomination that hasn’t been finalized yet😂😂😂. Shatta’s fans going like, “Grammy we go chop?”. Really???? The Grammy award scheme is the highest form of recognition a musician would dream of being nominated. I know his fans don’t care about the award but trust me, that’s every artists’ goal. The nomination opens doors for bigger opportunities, gigs and exposures to the world. So yes, we go chop the Grammy. But at the same time, I admire the loyalty and strength of Shatta Wale’s fans. This is the true definition of a die-hard fan base.

Long Live Ghana Music.


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