1- Listen Review – NDILIDI EP by RichMiller

richmiller ndilidi

RichMiller released his second mixtape “NDILIDI” some months ago but i have finally given this a stong thought. He deserves a review. People need to listen to this young lord here. This review is brief but has different levels of feels.

According to his soundcloud account, NDILIDI is an abbreviation of RichMiller’s favourite catch phrase, “Nobody Do It Like I Do It”, Even though this body work is to captivate good music lovers, it touches on the reality of life.
It is also more of soulful yet invigorating rap music that aims at impacting lives.

richmiller ndilidi back

As you all know, my 1-listen review is simple; no skipping, no repeating and no pausing. I write everything i feel at the moment. Ready? Let’s get this..

1.  siano boy

Oh a distinct chat as an intro build up is new. Love this start; it gives you an unpredictable feel. Oooh i love the instrumental.

Twi rap is awesome. RichMiller has a relieving delivery. Migos flow is known to be boring sometimes but he actually executes this professionally.

Chorus is the boys boys type. not a fan tho but hey music goes on. Second verse went hard yo. But its too short. i feel the second verse needs more. i got hooked.

First song and i feel ready. War-ready gives a huge curtain opener.

2. lord forgive me

I love this instrumentals. Very psychedelic and laid back. WHO IS THE LADY??? She has good vibes mehn.


RichMiller has an awesome story line scheme and i respect him for that. He easily fuses the english and twi effortlessly but the MVP of this song is the lady giving the chorus. YO RichMiller, give me the credits. I need her own porjects to review.

Another short song but good build up.

3. relax [ft. TINA]

Ah, where do these rappers find these producers? Awesome production for a producer who is that underrated.

I love this song. He raps on a ballad-ish instrumental ad he actually murders this. RichMiller needs a spotlight.

When this Eric told me of this rapper, i was skeptical at first but honestly i love him. TINA has a sultry voice. Sounds professional in her writing and delivery.

The producer executed this wonderfully


4. depression

Bests feel gangsta. Not really feeling this. Sometimes i love mental raps slow, laid back but this is too hard.

Maybe im not feeling this on the first take. Will take time after this. WAIT, the end is awesome. This got better when the instrumental stop playing.

This should have been a silent one.

5. only lord knows (o.l.k)

Love the intro, and how he quickly transitions the flow to the first verse. Another form of transition has to do with the bounce flow verses and the laid back chorus.


“Nobody do it like we do it”. He is right yo. The music system in Ghana won’t allow people like RichMiller to win. Only Lord Knows.


6. juice [ft. LJ, hotboy DNA & TOFF DAWG]

He got LJ, DNA and T Gawg on the same tune. RichMiller has me hooked before it even begins. I love how he lays the flow.

DNA doesn’t disapoint here. Voice on point, delivery awesome. “Nigga flexes like he’s freestyling. Cop the new jays with some lose change// and that’s your annual salary”. DNA disrespects this song to the minimal and that’s what the juice is about.

Toff Dawg became one of my favorite since “Counting“. He took this on a short roll but laid impressive flows so drop jaws. LJ on the hook is pure heaven. The “let them know” line switches up my heart. I need to replay this again.



7. for my neggas (f.m.n)

Bounce flows is the main piece of this mixtape. He makes the type of music that you can do the shoot dance and also bob your head to its lyrics.

“bitches wanna get paid before they love you too” THIS IS THE REAL MOTTO. You don’t need to listen to this twice to know that NDILIDI is a true gem.

Chorus sounds easy for a sing along. Second verse is also short but deeper. How come he leaves listeners wanting more like that?

8. let ’em know

He coughs to begin. Ei some wayne shit. Ibi so. RichMiller lays the flow easily and the instrumental blows it way nicely.

I love how the instrumental switches and how he actually keeps consistent in delivery. Giving shout outs to areas. This isn’t your cliche street rap. This is a more calculated style. It grows on different levels and that’s what makes “let ’em know” a street anthem.

Wow. This feeling is something else. RichMiller killed this. Personally i love his delivery. How he articulately mixes the twi with the english and still maintaining consistence is what makes the mxtape wonderful.

I had a few songs i didnt really feel but most of the songs were awesome. I have to give a second listen.

Listen to this below.


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