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Streaming has won the ultimate war. But sadly, Africa is yet to experience this win

There are a few wars worth the struggle. Ghana jollof vs Nigeria jollof, Messi vs Ronaldo, Empire vs Power, NDC vs NPP, Louis Litt vs Harvey Specter and Digital Music Sales vs Streaming.

Honestly no one ever thought this war would even be worth it. This is a war nobody ever thought would change the phase of world music. But its evolution; vinyl lost to a-track, a-track lost to cassettes, cassettes lost to compact disc, compact disc lost to dvd, dvd lost to digital sales and now they lost drastically to streaming.


To be fair, trending music of today didn’t really convince music lovers to invest in them to that extent. Let’s be honest, I love Patapaa’s One Corner but I would rather stream than pay to buy that song. Same has to do with songs like Freedom, Science Student, Gucci Gang and others.

music streaming

The masses of people will rather pay something small and listen to unlimited music that pay to download a song and get bored in a few days.


Streaming is now a billion dollar industry with business men investing their cash into this platform. From Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer, streaming is the new wave.
Mind you, people still buy good music. A lot of artist have a strong fan base that would pay any amount to buy physical or digital music from them. But majority of youth would make that “wise” investment into streaming.
Here is the major problem, Africa isn’t ready for this. We have good music that is worth streaming. Artists can make so much revenue from streaming. Artists like Ebony Reigns, Olamide, Sarkodie, Nasty C and Wizkid can make millions from this platform. But what is the problem?


THE INTERNET. Yes, streaming can never be possible without good and affordable internet. The price of internet in Africa is so expensive that there are some people whose monthly expenses on airtime and bundles is more than monthly rent.


People pay 300 cedis for just internet bundle while they live in an apartment for 150-250 a month in rent. So what can be done to ensure easy access to this?

How can internet service providers make money from streaming? How can streaming platforms benefit from the African market? Can artists and labels even profit from this? And how can fans listen to good music while saving money?

music streaming telecos

Telecommunication Networks should develop their own platform where people can pay for example 15 cedis monthly to access unlimited music from Ghana or any part of Africa (when I say unlimited, I mean all artists and labels that sign up to this).

They can take 5 cedis and share the rest of the money to artists that get more streams. EVERYBODY WINS.

Streaming can help musicians make something small. The revenue making might be small but worth it.
Long Love Ghana Music.