M.anifest Releases An All-Time Classic Featuring King Promise (Me Ne Woa)

m.anifest king promise me ne woa

M.anifest releases an awesome classic tune accompanied with a beautifully directed video. Produced byAfrodistrict & Callback Dreams and directed by Makere Thekiso


Released in 2017, M.anifest has finally released one of this anticipated videos which features Afro Pop crooner King Promise. This song is about a man pursuing a dream even thought he struggles all in hopes to have a good love life. This story line has a twist to it as he is also ignoing to be the man the love wants.

The scenery, story line and concept of the music video is what makes M.anifest one of the biggest acts on the continent of Africa as he is able to incorporate normal objects and unthinkable acts and fuse it into a strong masterpiece.

Personally i commend the efforts of Makere Thekiso who has worked with the artist on a lot of projects from Jigah featuring HHP and Be My Woman featuring Mi Casa. So i knew for certain that M.anifest wouldn’t disappoint me with this collaboration.

Well enough talks, enjoy the video and tell us what you think.



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