Lykay proves his God status with “Deity”- 1 listen review

lykay deity

Lykay was introduced to me by a friend and i haven’t gone back. Anytime he drops his GOMD freestyle every week, i am first to listen.

His project that i’m reviewing is a relatively old album; launched 2 years ago but i recently heard it and fell in love. This album is an embodiment of a god complex of a human being. So it would never be fair to expose my readers to this beautiful piece.

So as usual, my rules are simple: no skipping, no repeating and no pausing. All i post is my pure reactions. So ladies and gentlemen, Lykay’s Deity.

This is a sample of Nobody by Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj. What a great way of starting a project. Love this already.
Lykay’s voice is heavy. This is a gospel rap. Awesome. He has a fact, no one knows what these rappers go through; they bleed like us and they struggle like us. I love his rhyme scheme in this flow (Nyame, gye Nyame, wu nyame, sum nyame and ogwane)
This is an awesome start to a great EP but one question; is this a gospel rap or a braggadocio project. Well, let’s see.

A Kanye dialogue to start this. He start by bullying these rappers. No build up, just going hard. He is talking about his struggle as a rapper and his hopes. Blue Skies is short but very detailed.
Quickly loves into monster. Damn, he is hard. An akomfo anokye reference with an awesome rhyme scheme. I love the sample for monster, his voice and bars compliment the sample easily and that’s what this game is about. Another short one.

Lykay you need to re-release Blue Skies and Monster as separate tracks.

Memories builds up nicely. As a rapper, a good sample is the only build up you need. Its great for music.
He name dropped Kosovo; this guy eh. I will write about him soon.

Love his throwback recollection from management failure, late father, first weed trips. This is an awesome trip down memory lane.
His songs are short and im beginning to hate that. Good music needs to go for long.

The drumline. Another throwback song but I love this one better.
The saxophone and jazz sample is out of the world. This is a song where you in a car, driving slowly and recollecting. Awesome.
But his advice is very intense. He uses his life to advice the world. I just realized he unintentionally plugged a road safety campaign. Charleyyyyy

That’s a Pusha T sample there. This is probably gonna be the hardest one. Let’s hope so.
He has the Reggie Rockstone flow here. His rhyme scheme is the best I have heard so far and I mean it.
He incorporates every single element of hip hop here from the dj scratches, rhyme schemes, sampling and delivery. This is my favorite in terms of technicality.

Slow build up. Is that Arabic or Jewish?? Very new and its tight.
His flow is slow for the listening. He solidifies his position in the rap game. Trust me, Lykay is the best Ghanaian rapper you haven’t heard so far.

His confidence, flow and braggadocio is on point.
“When they say i bust flows, i go hard. When they say you bust flow, you steal flows”
This guy is a problem for this game


Oh this song. This is the tune that made me love Lykay in the first place.
This is one of the best commercial but hard hip hop song from an upcomer. He blends his flow with the 808s and his rhyme scheme: HIS RHYME SCHEMES ARE ON A DIFFERENT LEVEL
“Everybody wants to claim the best rapper// I’m not the best rapper, I’m God’s favourite rapper”
You don’t expect humble bragging from this calibre of rappers.

Wow. This is a project worth my money. I will buy any Lykay project he brings up. He is confidence, power, skill and technicality combined.

Lykay’s voice is his strong asset as he tops it up with awesome delivery and rhymes.

I love the theme of the project. Deity lived up to its name.
I hate the fact that his songs are short. It left me wanting more. Which is good for him.
If you don’t know Lykay, I won’t blame you but watch out for him on a global level. He deserves it.

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