1 Listen Review – Kwesi Slay Draws The Lyrical Curtain On “Aben EP”

kwesi slay aben

Kwesi Slay has released his début EP titled ‘aBen’ . According to the rapper, ‘aBen’ means it’s near and that simply means success is close. The rising rap superstar started music few years ago with few good songs and power collaborations.

The new EP features artistes like Ko-Jo Cue, Cabum, Kemenya and Wanlov with production by Lyrical Beatz, Kemenya TV, and Kwesi Slay himself.

Since this is my first review, here is are the rules

No repeat, no pause, no skipping. I write my reaction to this project. So lets get starting.

1 Aben (Produced By LyricalBeatz)

I love the intro. It sounds like a war cry. The momentum builds nicely with the spoken word of the female. Sounds matured to me. Herh!!! The beat is kicking yo.Wow the song is awesome. Kwesi  Slay goes very slow to ensure you hear everything and that’s perfect. I love the “frafra” punch line. Oh okay, he uses a lot of bible references. Not a fan but its acceptable here.

The second verse goes harder than the first. Honestly this is a perfect intro for a mixtape. Kwesi Slay has done damage. Fitting for a war cry. He is ready for war. This is first so let’s wait for more.

2 Wedi Bet (prod by Kwesi Slay)

Another laid back flow. Kwesi handles the lyrics and delivery so easy and i respect that. Song speaks of hustle for everyone. This is an everyday anthem for all. Wish i can repeat this. Love the chorus; very simple and everyone can sing along at his performance.

Gets boring getting to the end. I want more momentum tho. I don’t hate it but i sure don’t love it to that extent.

3 Visa Feat. Wanlov Da Kubolor(prod. By KemenyaTVee)

Oh i love the instrumentals. Kemenya deserves the big nod. This is more like it. Kwesi moves a little up tempo which complements the song. Another hustle song. A slow version of Grind Day. Chorus is better that wadi bet.

Who is this?? Sounds like Wanlov. THIS IS WANLOV. He killed it. its been a while since Wanlov killed a song this cool. Oh i love the chemistry here.

Oh Wanlov is singing!!! Charley this is the jam of the month.


Wahala (prod. lyricalBeatz)

Afro Pop. This is what i need. First off, an EP is supposed to showcase dexterity and versatility of an artist and 4 songs into this, i feel Kwesi Slay nailed that purpose of this.

LyricalBeatz is just great. How he fuses a trumpet into an afro pop is just amazing. This song might sound simple but it has levels of feels to it. How come i haven’t heard of Kwesi Slay? Dude deserve extra exposure mehn. The verse is short but consciese on his hustle story. I respect that yo.

Wonsi Mpia FEAT. kOJO Cue x CAbuM (prod by K Slay)

Beat is basic. Its nice but love the others more. But that cant stop me from loving the delivery of Kwesi Slay. One thing i love about this album is the fact that everyone can sing along to the chorus.

Kojo Cue is something else. Wow. He took this to a whole new level. Expected him to over take the song but Kwesi Slay owned him on this one. CABUM. There isn’t a song this rapper hasn’t failed to murder. This song is just perfect for some muscle out scene. Respect to the song.

Thought i would hate it but Cabum made it worth listening.

Daben (Prod. by Lyrical & mixed by Qube)

Oh wow. Finally, this is the song i have been waiting for. Sammy told me this is his favorite and he is right. Daben is the ultimate curtain closer for this project. It fits the whole title and theme. Qube killed this on the instrumentals and massive respect to him. This is my favorite.

Personally i think this mixtape needs another listen. Sounded a little boring in the middle. I expected more chopping flows but had a more slow cut which also made me listen. Kudos to Kwesi Slay. Listen to this below.



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