Has Kwaw Kese lost touch as an artist? Or is scared to be the superstar he once was

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Kwaw Kese is one of the biggest entertainers in Ghana. From defying all rules set by MUSIGHA to winning multiple awards at the Ghana Music Awards after he publicly dissed the music committee. But latelyn he us missing and is losing touch of reality as a superstar.

Let’s cut to the chase. Kwaw Kese is one of the best entertainers Ghana has ever had. We are talking about the man insane. The man who would make a perfect rhyme with any word that comes into his mind. The man who brought an ironing board to stage. One who dressed up as a Zoomlion worker on stage just to promote a campaign.

This is a man who has solidified his name in hiplife and hiphop music in Ghana. When it comes to entertainment, the “abodam” crooner is part of the lords. But his fall is something one can never fathom.


Kwaw Kese is known to release at least one banger for a year and that’s all it would take to garner respect from music lovers. Ever since the passing of his sidekick, partner and manager Fenec Otchere, depression has set in for Kwaw. But in usual fashion, a phoenix is supposed to rise from its ashes.


Where is abodam? Where is the man who makes it his sole purpose to entertain music lovers in Ghana? The man no one has dared pick a bone with?


To many, Kwaw Kese might be a rapper but to his core fans, he is a symbol. An epitome of pure independence and creative freedom. His is the reason many of us live a care free life and strive for the main purpose of living.
But has that mantel finally fallen? Has the Kwaw Kese brand broken? Is he really nothing without Fenec? As a core fan, please wake up.

Long Live Ghana Music


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