Kofi Kunta hops on with his version of “Biibi Ba”

Kofi Kunta sarkodie biibi ba

Damn son!!! It’s Kofi Kunta season.

Let me start by giving huge props to Sarkodie for giving rappers a wavy song to hop on. This is an answer to all those claiming Sarkodie barely does features for young rappers. He gives you an instrumental with his hooks and leaves you to do your own damage.

A few rappers got called by Sark himself but personally, I feel these rappers were popular than the lot.

I always says this, “the underground circuit is the most viable field to explore”. There you find the best lyricists, musicians and artists who are super hungry and dedicated to the game.

kofi kunta

One of these rappers is no other but the Madina based lyricist, Kofi Kunta. Kofi Kunta is the grimm reaper of this game.

While these rappers quickly did their versions of the tune, he sits back and strategies a strong willed flow and his tenacity to snatch the crown is what makes this song a strong contender for greatness.

Personally I love how he makes this song sound like a Sarkodie feature rather than a Sarkodie challenge. Massive respect to him.

The second verse is his hardest of all freestyles he has curated. Now for all those who know and don’t know what I’m talking (or typing) about, here is Kofi Kunta’s version of Biibi Ba featuring Sarkodie.

Enjoy this



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