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Top 5 Ghanaian Artists Missing And Needed To Boost The Power Of Ghanaian Music

Ghana is undoubtedly one of the biggest exports of African music. We have different eras and different Ghanaian artists changing the games.

We have had hit songs, evergreen songs and one hit wonders. And we have the best of the best.
But there are artists that made music worth listening but they are missing. Maybe out of the country, following a different course or maybe focused on something else.

This has left a dent on Ghanaian music.

Here are some Ghanaian artists that have been missed and can make an impact in Gh music.

YaaYaa (Bertha)
Formerly known as Bertha, YaaYaa was the sultry voice that took over the waves but ended up shortly served. Word on the street was she took a break to focus on her schooling.

Well she came back with a big bang when she released “Kae” and also featured on Okyeame Kwame’s hit single, “Faithful”. But that was the only wave she rode and honestly she is really needed to add some spice to the male dominated industry


Raquel or as I love to call her, “Raquel the Great” was the voice that warmed and soothed every soul.
She music capabilities was second to none and she was a force to reckon with. Her smash single, “Sweetie” featuring Sarkodie was the jam of the life.

She released “Lovi Dovi” which also took over the airwaves for months and also featured in Okyeame’s single, “Woara”. But after that we heard nothing of her and frankly speaking, she is needed.

Is there an Okayeme Kwame curse??

X.O Senavoe
This list would be nothing without this rapper. X.O Senavoe was the realest wordsmith that had the power of solidifying Ghana’s name in African hiphop.

His critically acclaimed singles “Taxi Music” and “Ghost” was what placed him on the map and had critics compare him to well established rappers in Ghana. But after that, the only thing we ever heard from him was an alleged rape case which was never solved and vanished with his name


After MTN Project Fame, Kesse became one of the most sought after artist in West Africa. His voice and music capabilities were what gave him the respect and bragging rights.

His lovers rock inspired tune, “Oh yea” was trending on the airwaves and social media. Kesse had a recording deal which turned out to be just a façade.
He had a few features and released a couple of cover songs but at this moment, Ghana needs a Kesse that would change the phase of music.

Say what ever you want to say but A.S.E.M was one of the biggest Ghanaian artists of our time.
His most controversial song “Gimmie blow” was one of the most circulated songs in Ghana. He currently has 2 albums to his title but he suddenly vanished and has tried to bounce back with no success.

We need his usual round-up song of the year and also a few awesome hits.

Honorable Mentions of Ghanaian Artists Missing

Sherifa Gunu
Kwaw Kese