Frederick Marioking sets his eye on the ultimate ball with “Focused”

frederick marioking focused

Hip hop artist, Frederick Marioking has released his magnum opus yet and he calls it “Focused”, produced by seasoned producer iPappi and mixed by Mademusiq.

Hip hop is in its season, we have a lot of artists riding the trap wave. Acts assume its simplicity and fail drastically and only a few tend to win in this category of genre.

Trap music has a strong attachment to the neo hop hop community and Africa tends to make use of its phenomena.


Talking of trap music, a hip hop artist called Frederick Marioking hits us hard with one of the best, head bobbing and wave worthy trap music called Focused, which focuses on the mind set of a hard worker.

frederick marioking focused

The instrumental is very hard. Shouts to iPappi here. Everything about his production score here is super incredible. I got hyped up when Frederick Marioking teamed up with him for this single and also the song was well mixed. The technical aspect will not be on its high pinnacle if it wasnt for Mademusiq.


But honestly, this song is pure heaven cos i would also suggest a video and a strong rotational promotion to this because this song needs to be heard by all. Frederick Marioking is a super contender for the likes of $pacely, Kwesi Arthur and Ayat. He proved it with his commercial appeal and his lyrical dexterity.

If you not a fan, i swear this would change you.

Ever since he released Mixed Feelings Vol. 1, his competence has elevated as evidence to his awesomeness so without much further ado, enjoy Focused.Share and tell us what you love about this (spoiler alert: Second verse is the hardest of the quarter of 2018 from an upcoming act). Also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Download Frederick Marioking’s Focused


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