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Blessed Beyond Belief enzo

ENZO & EHZY – Blessed Beyond Belief – 1 Listen Reivew

Hi guys. So i was having this argument with my colleague on which underground project can supersede a commercial project. He introduced my to Enzo & Ehzy’s EP on Souncloud. I wasn’t really up for it. So after a bet, i decided to do a review.

So as usual, my review is simple. No repeats, no skipping and definitely no pausing. I write all my reactions here for your reading pleasure.

So ladies and gentlemen, Enzo & Ehzy’s Blessed Beyond Belief


Love the suspense filled build up. Like an indie horror movie.
Feels like someone will snatch the tune and tear it up. Oh its spoken word.
Since they found life in outer space/ impossible has no actual trace
Ugene Kay has control of the words he spews here. I love this. Nice way to start an EP


Nice guitar riff. Ehzy has his own signature. This is like the African version of Prhyme. Enzo has a distinct voice here.
This is a slow tune but super perfect for a versatile mood. The chorus seems so basic. You can’t hate this song.  The saxophone compliments the guitar. I want the instrumentals. People need to do cover songs of this.
This has to be Nkemjika. Nice voice. He harmonizes well with himself but Enzo plays the better role here. I feel this could have easily been a one man task. Awesome song though.



Nice piano build up here. Seems this EP is themed on love; be it for a woman, family, success and the self.
I love his voice. Super different from the former song. Does he use a song writer? Cos the use of words here is simply amazing.
Love the motherly advice he got. This is the advice most mothers will give but he made it into a song. Very relatable
“No be everybody wey you see for road, you go carry come house”
The chorus builds up to a live mode. I respect the production here. Honestly, Ehzy is the MVP here.
This song centres on life choices we make as young people. He uses love choices as a general theme but it circles around the life of a human.
This song is my favorite. The song writing, production, voice and composition is on point.

Blessed Beyond Belief enzo


Oh i love this. Has a funky vibe here. Wow, Ehzy uses a synthesizer here. Great start. Enzo is a master here. He basically has fun while in the booth.
This is pure artistry. Well it’s true what they say, “the best of jewels are always underground”
Wait!! He is doing scats over a funky song. If you don’t know what scat is, sorry.
Second verse holds more power here due to the words usage. Enzo is what i would call a master lyricist and a sultry wordsmith.
This song embodies the power of an artist.



Sounds like a hip hop tune. Wait, is that a Muhammad Ali sample. I have an idea of what this song would be. If you use the infamous Ali speech in your song, your bragging rights needs to be solidified
Ei. He sounds bouncy here. This is golden. Enzo and Ehzy are virtually unknown but they are able to craft matured masterpieces.
His voice has a palmwine highlife feel but he is monwalking on a hiphop song. Beautiful piece. He ends it with the final Ali speech.



Oh i was talking about Palmwine highlife on the previous song. This is how you mix Palmwine highlife with Afro pop.
How is it that an artist has so much control on a voice and also write beautifully? I still feel he has creative writers.
Okay this song got bad. I don’t hate the rap but this feels out of place. He could have done it solo.
Honestly this EP should be a solo effort. Anyone else will mess the magic up.
Still another favorite. Ehzy is awesome with the production. I wish i could sponsor the remix. A duet will be perfect.


Im beginning to love his ad lib. “its a mad thing”.
This sounds like a letter to a significant one. The type you wanna pen down. Wait oh. Ehzy using live music or working everything on the board?
Herh the guy be serious oh. See, the Enzo and Ehzy brand should be a fixed thing. The chemistry is just outstanding.
This is a song of a lifetime. The words. CHARLEY THE WORDS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD.
Now its hard to pick a favourite in this EP.



This sounds up tempo. Wow it has a dance feel to it.
Simple chorus but quite memorable. I think the Nigerian accent helps sell the brand more.
I love this rapper. Astro is better than the other one (no disrespect to him but i like Astro better). No hard lines but purely commercial and it is well understandable due to the genre in play.
I can imagine the type of music video it could be. The sexy dance by the ladies.
So back to the song. His verse isn’t the best honestly. Sounds like the regular lines. I love the song but not his verse. Sorry Enzo but great song.


Oh i love the beat. Very different from the first one. I love this version.
Honestly, this is a deeper African version of the same song. This is more of a bragging rights of Ehzy.
He is a very awesome producer. Honestly top 5.
But nothing tops the chemistry they share on this project. One advice i give alot of artists out there is to find and stick to one personal producer who would know your strengths and flaws.
This is manifested on Enzo and Ehzy. Perfect tune



This has to be better. So far im used to the awesomeness of Ehzy.
I love this. This song centres on the everyday hustle of a person. This is just the song needed after a hard day of hustle. I urge every worker and non worker to listen to this.
This song is placed perfectly at the right place. The final song after enjoying such a masterpiece. So heavenly.
Shouts to Tyor here. Great production. I need more of him. His style screams maturity and creativity. Awesome song


Whew!!! Finally done. This song is a journey worth remembering. I love this project. This will pass for one of my all time favourites.

I love the song writing. I feel with more exposure, this act can take over Africa in a heartbeat. His voice might not be the Bruno Mars but it’s super distinctive. And the production. Lord the production is out of this world. Respects to Ehzy on this.
I really hope you love this review. The Critic Bay team puts in lots of efforts into making sure you have a great experience in reviews.

Never stop supporting musicians in Africa. They are the future wave. Listen to this project and also follow Enzo & Ehzy. They deserve it.