New Lords – Top 5 artists to look out for (Part 1)

new lords

New Lords are what every industry needs. Upcoming acts have strong vibes, energy and fresh form of creativity. But not every one deserves the spot to be part of the new lords.

To be par of the new lords, you need to be lyrically strong with an awesome delivery. your videos need to be on point and you need to have a strong following.


Here are our honorable list of the best names you should start listening to. Enjoy and comment your take and views.

Lyrical Joe
Lyrical Joe or as the world loves to call it, LJ the god is a phenomenon when it comes to hiphop music in Ghana. LJ became an instant sensation and a force to reckon with when he released his hit song, “5th August“. His name became that heavy that he was enlisted as a feature in E.L’s BAR series.

He has gone to collaborate with artists like Gemini, Toffdawg and other acts but the artist still has more room to show the world his lyrical capabilities

One of the most feared New Lord in Ghana, Lykay has the lyrical urge to put fear in his competitors. The deep voiced lyricist has kept fans at ease as he consistently releases freestyle videos of his lyrical capabilities on popular instrumentals.

Ever since he released his highly acclaimed project, Deity, Lykay has placed his brand on a suspense mode which keeps his fans always waiting and yearning for more.

Abena Rockstar
If you are a music head for Ghanaian music and you don’t know who Abena Rockstar is, then I might have to dispute your music head claim. Abena Rockstar deserves to be on the list of the New Lords

Relatively known in the music circuit, she is still yet to overtake the male dominated system to rise on top.
Her MAFIA EP was one of the critically acclaimed EP’s of 2017 and it wasn’t a surprise when her song was used for a case study in a lecture at Howard University.

Abena Rockstar might look like the usual African girl next door but never ever doubt her lyrical prowers

HotBoy DNA
I wouldn’t blame anyone who doesn’t know this name as many artists are virtually scared to feature him. DNA is called the hot boy for a reason as he has the anaimalistic tendency to muscle any artist on any given track.

He is set to release his “Good Vibes EP” and also released his highly acclaimed single Devil and the circuit of hip hop lovers and critics can’t wait to see this lyrical pirate at his debut fight.

Sizz The Truth
This artist is one of my all time favourite on this list. Sizz is one of the realest acts who gives his all on every project he muscles himself into. The swaged out voice and his classic sampling is what makes him the golden child you should look out for.

Currently riding the wave of his highly acclaimed project, “The Whole Truth” which I gave an exclusive 1 listen review to, no one knows what comes after the Whole Truth.
And frankly speaking, if you are able to bag a Cina Soul feature, you are real enough to be crowned a new lord.

So here you have it, here are our pick for the first installment for our New Lords. On our next episode, be prepared to be amazed.

Long Live Ghana Music.


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